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Our Mission: Helping Families and communities cope with and manage the challenges of aging and caregiving

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ICRC Helps families and communities cope with and manage the challenges of aging and caregiving.

Doing our best to support clients and their families, we respect the dignity of all people and recognize the difficulties of navigating aging and caregiving. We advocate for and provide assistance so clients and family members can continue to live productive, active, and enriched lives.

Shaping Our Daily Actions

Our Core Values


We advocate for family caregivers and seniors in the community and through a network of statewide caregiver resource centers.


We support clients and their families with resources as they navigate the journey of aging and caregiving.


We educate through classes, conferences, and presentations that provide knowledge, skills, and resources about aging and caregiving.


We care for our community members and clients to ensure that they have what they need, feel heard, and know they are not alone.


We build community through outreach and programs that strengthen support systems for family caregivers and seniors.


We empower clients to live fulfilling lives and to seek assistance when needed.

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